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Rockingham Gaming LLC is a New Hampshire Limited Liability Corporation and a licensed game operator employer with over 190 dealers and managers operating the two largest charitable gaming rooms in New Hampshire. They are located at Rockingham Park in Salem NH and Seabrook Park in Seabrook NH. Both rooms opened in 2006 and have continued to partner with numerous charities around the state to conduct Games of Chance under New Hampshire laws. Since 2006 the charities have received more than ten million dollars through their participation.

Our employees are well trained and enthusiastic about what they do. They provide a friendly atmosphere for the limited stakes gambling that may be conducted in our rooms under New Hampshire law. Rockingham Gaming LLC works very closely with both Rockingham Park and Seabrook Park to provide a facility and atmosphere that is both comfortable and safe for everyone. Both facilities offer simulcast wagering, food and beverage, as well as other amenities to complete your experience. Both facilities provide ample free parking and are easily accessible from most NH, Maine and Massachusetts locations.

NH Laws relative to Games of Chance can be found through the following link:


The rules of the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission can be found at this link:


House Rules

(Effective 3/1/2010)

1. The buy-in and re-buys for all games shall be published on the monthly events calendar and be posted on a chair at each table at which a game is being played. Sit-N-Go games shall have the buy-in and potential re-buys posted at the registration area.
2. In the event of inclement weather, power outages, equipment failure or other emergencies, announcements will be made to all players in attendance with appropriate directions to remain or to evacuate the building. In the event of weather that prohibits the conduct of games of chance for that day, customers and employees are to call 603-898-2311 for a recorded announcement in the event of cancellation. Cancellation will also be posted on the website www.playatrock.com
3. All customers may request a refund prior to the dealing of the first card in any game. Once the first card is in the air, no refunds shall be given unless the game cannot be completed due to an uncontrollable event.
4. The method of play, buy-in amount and re-buy amounts shall be published on the monthly schedule and shall be posted on a chair at each table a game will be conducted upon.
5. In Texas Hold-em games (where chips have no cash value), the buy-in shall not exceed $250 for more than one such game per game date. All other hold-em games (where chips have no cash value) games shall not exceed $150 buy-in. In all cash games the maximum individual wager shall be $4, unless the particular game has a limit of less than $4.
6. The bet limit for each game shall be posted.
7. Smoking or any other tobacco product (including electronic cigarettes) shall not be allowed in the poker room at any time.
8. In the event of questions, comments or concerns please contact the NH Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission at 603-271-2158 or mail to 57 Regional Drive, Concord, NH 03301
9. All games of chance conducted at Rockingham Park shall be conducted in accordance with NH RSA 287-D and the rules and regulations of the NH Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission.
10. Each game date at Rockingham is sponsored by a licensed NH charity.

The charity shall receive a minimum of 35% of the gross proceeds after all prizes are paid.