Games available

Cash Poker

$1 - $2, $2 - $4 and $4 - $4 limit poker games are available at both Seabrook and Rockingham. As the State of New Hampshire restricts the wagering to a maximum of $4 per individual wager these games can sometimes look like No Foldem Hold-em. Up to 4 raises are permitted in each round of play so you will see some sizable pots for limit poker. There are numerous games available depending on the crowd and the interest of the players. Texas Hold-em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and Double Flop Hold-em are some of the variations that may be played.

The cash tables are always available at the opening of the room on each day and continue until the closing that night. You may purchase your chips at the table at Seabrook and at the cage area at Rockingham. Usually you would want to buy-in at a rate of at least 20 times the large blind so you would not run short too early.

In the event the available tables are full, make sure you notify the Floor Manager of your desire to play and you will be placed on a waiting list and called when a seat is available.